Thoughts behind my Silhouette

I can see my silhouette on the ground
Nothing to light me up but the moon
No stars are visible
This pain is inevitable
There is no trace of happiness
Just fear, loathe, and regret
I wish I didn’t love you
And the stars came out for me
I wish I could forget
Like how easily you turn it all to waste
I miss me
Please stop breaking my heart

This silence is so loud
I tried to speak but voice doesn’t come out
My heart’s whining inside
My feelings are to subside
But I keep on coming back
Through this rope that I still hold on to
Both ends of this tag of war is you
I have nowhere to go
Just worse memories and worst memories
Sickness rushes inside of me
I wish you had never looked me that way
So I shouldn’t have caught your eyes
That made me stay
Time has passed and what I only see
The silhouette on the ground is me


Fun or Priorities?

Being able to accomplish something proficiently really makes us feel good about ourselves and feel like all our efforts are worth it. However, being able to do something and you are disappointed with your work, makes you want to turn back time and wish you had done the most important thing: priorities.


I wrote this post because a very important lesson has been gathered  by my mind today. To be honest, I have A LOT of posts to publish later but I’m keeping this blog more like what I wrote in the about because this is actually more crucial to be taught to others as well.


And to skip the boring why-am-I-writing-this part, let’s get to the real message.


We all have priorities. Anyone who doesn’t have a single priority is just plain impossible. But it is up on us if we’re going to consider things in our life as priorities. We make some of it, but others we just go easy on them. Let the time deal with it, I don’t want stress. Like, come on, it’s normal to say that. Who doesn’t want fun right? And it’s obviously not fun if we just work work work all day and not have time for entertainment. (same as to study study study without enjoyment) We deserve to have fun and to make ourselves smile by doing the things that makes us happy, for example playing sports, eating (but not over-eating because that’s bad), spending time with our friends or family, reading a book, playing video games, blogging, or reading blogs like The Ryry Blog *wink, wink* kidding. I mean we can all do that stuff and more because we are not designed to just do and do and not have fun. The point is, it’s okay to get off your head that “busyness” during your free time and relax because we make a good outcome of something if we are not frustrated while doing it.


My reminder is that: Don’t have too much fun. Anything that is too much is not good. Why? Because if you had too much fun, you’ll forget about the more important things that you have to finish. And you’ll just say nah, there’s another time for that or it’ll do. Does that make any sense? Probably yes while you’re still having fun. But in that moment when you get the result of not finishing your priority, Oh you wish you had finished what you needed to do first. Trust me, regret slaps you like a tsunami and you never know when it’s going to come. So while you still have time, finish your priority and enjoy everything after.


Good luck with life.


You Do Not Have To Love Him

You do not have to love him and he does not have to love you either. You’ll just break each other’s heart. You love somebody else, don’t break another man’s heart again this time. It will be all your fault in the end.

You can like him. But you can’t love him.


A Super Awesome Playlist

Hi! If you like my last playlist, thank you!! I’ve always loved music and I just keep on discovering different genres that get so much cooler everytime I hear it.

So this playlist is basically about the new music that I’ve been listening to – the hands down most awesome music combi that I personally love.



I just love this song. This is the kind of indie song I go to when I want to listen to the sound of the world. Amazing, I just can’t. (I’d also recommend you watch the video, it’s really pretty.)



LANY is literally the best pop alt band ever in the world. I love their music very much it makes me cry. Once you start listening to their songs, that’s when you know what “addiction” really means. (I’m dramatically addicted to their songs! You should try and listen!)



I know you’ll love this.



Even the title makes me cry. I recommend for you.



Not all can relate to this song. But everyone will get hurt when they hear this. It’s just painful in an effortless way. Even the intro is enough to make you sad.



Come on. I don’t have to explain why it’s worth listening to. It’s Selena ya’ll!



Just beautiful. Figure it out yourself why. But I assure you won’t regret it.



Beautiful music. Beautiful meaning. Beautiful feeling.



This song has a great tune. I love Ariana. This is perfect for this playlist.



I can’t stop thinking about why I can’t stop getting more and more in love to this song.


* * *


That’s it for my awesome playlist! I call this super awesome because I don’t know how to explain how much I love this combination. By the way, these are all not that hype-ish songs. Some of these has electronic but just light and the rest are just really sad songs. I think they combine very well and they’re good music that your ears deserve to hear.


All my love to you! Do leave a comment and tell me what you think 💋


Time Heals

Too many “I miss yous” from the poems I’ve made and the lines I’ve said
Here I survived without you beside
Those “I miss yous” are no longer feelings
They’re just three little words that I used to cry for
But not anymore.

Truly, time heals.


Quick Update


Since I was a dressmaking student when I was in Junior High, I have no idea about our elective in SHS which is Bread and Pastry. Yes, I’m gonna bake! I’ve always wanted to learn how to bake but I didn’t choose that specialization over dressmaking before. I was really passionate in learning more about fashion. But now that I’ve learned so much and I know that I can improve myself through practice and experimenting in sewing (I trust myself so much about garments & designing. *pat on the back*), I am now heading for the kitchen!! I am so ready to bake treats that would surely make mama proud. 😊



This is about Mr. Meter. Argh, because I accidentally told his classmate (Kim) that I have a crush in their class. I didn’t tell him that it was ***** because I’m afraid he’ll tell Mr. Meter or their classmates. The problem is, he thought my crush is Roy. But Roy’s not my crush, actually. It’s Roy’s friend!! I think he told Roy that I fancy him (even if I don’t) because I saw him look at me differently and I didn’t like it. What if Mr. Meter feels the same for me but when he knows that it was Roy whom I have a crush with, he’ll stop liking me? Ohh, please not be like that. I have no feelings for Roy and I regret I even told Kim. Haha

Uh-oh. I guess I’m really gonna have to tell Kim about Mr. Meter 😕



Why? It’s no longer summer or vacation here in the Philippines and I’m VERY busy with school! Tons of assignments, reports, tests, projects, activities and outputs that are cominggg and they won’t stop. I am really stressed tbh but I have goals so I’ll stay motivated. But I wish I can be active again here pls pls pls. I miss those times when I can just chill and be carefree but now WHOAH I don’t even know. *exhales depression* I’ll always try to write blog posts more but I don’t know how!  I still have 3 more books to read (waaaaaa!) but I’ll make time for this, maybe not just now because I’m way to busy.



My ex-best friend and I kinda had the “talk” but I still don’t know if I want us again. I don’t know how to trust her anymore. But we’re totally fine now. The little ump is that, I don’t want us to become best friends anymore – friends, yes – but best friends? Nah? Nah. But I think what she knows is we’re still best friends. And that’s a problem.

Now about my Squad (VS Queens), we’re now starting to really get totally sisterssssssssssssss and we’re loving every moment we’re all together – talking or not talking. LOL. I just went to the city with Shie and we went shopping. It was unbelievably fun but we wish Betty and Jean were there with us 💔

That’s the ‘quick’ update 😂 Until my next post! (I wonder when?)


Did it ever occur to you?

Did it ever occur to you?
If we’d ever be able to talk,
If we’d ever be able to laugh,
If we’d ever be happy
while spending it all together?

Did it ever occur to you?
If we’d ever cry to each other,
If we’d ever have fun like before,
If we’d ever feel like us
while we’re together?

Did it ever occur to you?
Because it did to me.
But I was unsure.
Can I ever trust you again?

Seeing you hurt, in pain and in tears
without anyone to make you feel happy again
breaks my heart into its shatterest
but all you lies suddenly comes back to me.

I want to be your friend again.
I want to continue the promises we made.
I want to be your ‘best’ again,
Now that you’ve lost him and I’ve lost him
But you’ve got him and I’m shattering.

I wish I didn’t plan my future with you.
What am I now without you?
Not only did my dreams crushed,
So did my heart.

But I miss you.