This is Minnie. Kidding, It’s Ryry.

* * *

My blog posts are totally enough for you to get to know me but why not know some more informations?

So, Hi! I’m Ryry (pronounced as riri) with the shorter version of my surname: AÑO.
REAL NAME: Mary Joy D. Añonuevo
AGE: 16
BIRTHDAY: March 6, 2001
PHONE NUMBER: Just kidding. Of course, I wouldn’t give that to you all. 😂
LIKES: fashion designing, writing, singing, dancing like no one’s watching, acting, song writing, reading, fangirling, and DIYing.
DISLIKES: rainy day when I’m wearing white jeans (ugh), fake people, copycatsss, negative vibes.
COLLECTION: Paper crafts, books, wallpapers, art materials, makeup (tho I’m not that good in it), false eyelashes, jewelries, hair ties, clothes, and secrets.
FAV THINGS: Just read  my fast talk post 😛

If I forgot to write something, just ask me at the comment below. heart-heart to ya’ll! X