Quick Update


Since I was a dressmaking student when I was in Junior High, I have no idea about our elective in SHS which is Bread and Pastry. Yes, I’m gonna bake! I’ve always wanted to learn how to bake but I didn’t choose that specialization over dressmaking before. I was really passionate in learning more about fashion. But now that I’ve learned so much and I know that I can improve myself through practice and experimenting in sewing (I trust myself so much about garments & designing. *pat on the back*), I am now heading for the kitchen!! I am so ready to bake treats that would surely make mama proud. 😊



This is about Mr. Meter. Argh, because I accidentally told his classmate (Kim) that I have a crush in their class. I didn’t tell him that it was ***** because I’m afraid he’ll tell Mr. Meter or their classmates. The problem is, he thought my crush is Roy. But Roy’s not my crush, actually. It’s Roy’s friend!! I think he told Roy that I fancy him (even if I don’t) because I saw him look at me differently and I didn’t like it. What if Mr. Meter feels the same for me but when he knows that it was Roy whom I have a crush with, he’ll stop liking me? Ohh, please not be like that. I have no feelings for Roy and I regret I even told Kim. Haha

Uh-oh. I guess I’m really gonna have to tell Kim about Mr. Meter 😕



Why? It’s no longer summer or vacation here in the Philippines and I’m VERY busy with school! Tons of assignments, reports, tests, projects, activities and outputs that are cominggg and they won’t stop. I am really stressed tbh but I have goals so I’ll stay motivated. But I wish I can be active again here pls pls pls. I miss those times when I can just chill and be carefree but now WHOAH I don’t even know. *exhales depression* I’ll always try to write blog posts more but I don’t know how!  I still have 3 more books to read (waaaaaa!) but I’ll make time for this, maybe not just now because I’m way to busy.



My ex-best friend and I kinda had the “talk” but I still don’t know if I want us again. I don’t know how to trust her anymore. But we’re totally fine now. The little ump is that, I don’t want us to become best friends anymore – friends, yes – but best friends? Nah? Nah. But I think what she knows is we’re still best friends. And that’s a problem.

Now about my Squad (VS Queens), we’re now starting to really get totally sisterssssssssssssss and we’re loving every moment we’re all together – talking or not talking. LOL. I just went to the city with Shie and we went shopping. It was unbelievably fun but we wish Betty and Jean were there with us 💔

That’s the ‘quick’ update 😂 Until my next post! (I wonder when?)


Did it ever occur to you?

Did it ever occur to you?
If we’d ever be able to talk,
If we’d ever be able to laugh,
If we’d ever be happy
while spending it all together?

Did it ever occur to you?
If we’d ever cry to each other,
If we’d ever have fun like before,
If we’d ever feel like us
while we’re together?

Did it ever occur to you?
Because it did to me.
But I was unsure.
Can I ever trust you again?

Seeing you hurt, in pain and in tears
without anyone to make you feel happy again
breaks my heart into its shatterest
but all you lies suddenly comes back to me.

I want to be your friend again.
I want to continue the promises we made.
I want to be your ‘best’ again,
Now that you’ve lost him and I’ve lost him
But you’ve got him and I’m shattering.

I wish I didn’t plan my future with you.
What am I now without you?
Not only did my dreams crushed,
So did my heart.

But I miss you.



This post is dedicated to my fab girrrl Jeanie who’s dealing with this kind of matter right now. Cheer up babe!

And also to everyone who wants to know my ways on how to stay happy even if you’re surrounded with haters out there. You guys don’t really deserve to stress a thing over them.

But! this is also for entertainment and information to all of you 😊



What to do when you have haters:



Out of nowhere, those “haters” just come out when you least expect it. But if you know that you’re in the right place (if you haven’t done anything wrong), then this post will really help you in dealing with them. Here we go…



Don’t let them affect you.


I mean, don’t be affected. If you know you’ve done nothing wrong to get them to hate you, don’t stress over them. Your time is too precious to just get affected with those people who are probably just seeking for attention. And there are so many reasons to smile about instead of frowning because of them.


If there’s a reason why they hate you even when they’ve got no reason to, it just means they’re insecure slash jealous slash envy of you. Is it even your fault that you are you? Really, girl, if you just let them talk the talk and do not care, they’re just gonna tire themselves for nothing. Show them that hating people is pointless by not getting affected at all. But I know deep inside, you’re still hurt even when you deny it. The key is not to show it (don’t cry in public. It’s just babyish.) Just show them that you’re not hurt and be as strong as rock because you are!


And if you let them do the boring part (talking nonsense) and they realize that it’s all meaningless to you, they’ll stop. Why would they spend their time on someone who does not even care, right?


But, if they try to make it worse than just talking, make your first move: reach out to those adult people who can help (e.g. school principal, guidance councilor, adviser/teacher, parents, guardians, etc.) What’s wrong with asking for help, right? If you feel like you and your friends can handle them, let me tell you that you’re wrong. They can hurt you physically and you can’t get away with that unless you fight back — which is not a good thing to do (and who says you’re gonna win all the time?) because if you do that, all of that ‘not caring at all’ that you did will just be nonsense. Plus, if this gets to the school principal, you’re gonna get involved and that’s a big NO NO. So it’s really important to ask help from an adult especially to those with authority.


However, not all cases ends up to that “physical fighting” so you can just forget about that if the “not getting affected” already shood them away. But if your case got into that point, take my advice. There’s nothing wrong with reaching out for help. Think about what’s wrong with it and you’ll end up on nothing. See?


I actually thought that adults don’t usually know what to do next because I am a teen. And they’re adults. It’s different and they won’t be able to relate with me. But once I realised that they also experienced being a teen before and they’ve been there and they’ve done that, who knows better now? If you think you’ve had so much struggles in life, they had plentyyyyyyyyy of them and they’ve survived them.

Don’t think for another reason to say no, I’ve got all my reasons 😂 fyi, I won a debate contest against students from a different school last February (with Jeanie!) and trust me, we never run out of reasons 😂

OK. Before this post get even longer, I’ll wrap this already 😛 By the way, if you have questions or clarifications or information that I forgot to talk about regarding this matter, tell me at the comment box below or message me if you want it to be more personal on the contact on the menu 🙂


Stop being hateful and just spread love ❤️ Smile before you switch site! Aaaah bye XXXX




Happy First Month 🎉

28th of May 2017

I still remember the feeling when I was writing my first blog post. It was surreal, yet hopeless.

I was so happy that I finally have a blog that I can call my own. But I was hopeless that I’ll even have followers — that I’ll even have readers. I actually thought of deleting my blog after that.

Looking back now, I’m glad I didn’t delete this. Or else, I’d never have a site where I’ll feel like I’m home.

But what if I did? Will I be this happy? No. This blog made me know the “Ryry” I never thought I’d become – a happier me.

A month ago, I thought I’d never see comments in this blog. So I want to acknowledge literally everyone who inspired me into pushing this blog to its initial success:

  • All I wanted was to have a blog. I stayed up all night searching for a free website but I couldn’t find the perfect one. And then I remembered the blog that I’ve read before ( thanks so much) so I tried very doubtful and anxious. I told myself “You’ll never have a blog. Don’t assume this time or you’ll break your heart again.” But I didn’t listen to myself. Instead, I clicked the write button and the I wrote my very first blog post. And then I told myself “So what if you’ll never have followers? You just want a blog and now that you have one, you can’t demand for more.” because I didn’t want to break my heart.


  • Thirstythought ( for being the first one to inspire me to become a blogger.


  • ChrissyAdventures for being the first one to leave a comment in this blog. Knowing your opinion about my post really inspired me to write more.

Now I’m smiling


  • To the amazing amazing people who constantly like my posts and binge into reading my posts and to the wonderful people who leave comment(s) in my posts. I know ya’ll are unaware of how much I value you: artgalblog, Clare Cramphorn, Just Betty, Cristian Mihai, ChrissyAdventures, Elm, Ella, freckledfacegirlblog, blacksans101, Mia, Chris Nicholas, darleneguerra, Linda, Little Fears, flawed_silence & Monika. You guys are truly amazing.


  • And to all my super cool followers, I don’t know why you follow me but Thank you so much. You make me so happy every time I wake up in the morning.


* * *


This is juts my first month. What about the second? The third? The first year? I guess we’re all gonna figure that out when the time comes. But for now, this is me sending all my love to all of you.

Some of you may think of this as a very little thing to celebrate about, but having a blog has been one of my biggest dreams. And now that I have one, can you blame me if I can’t contain my happiness? 😉

Shoutout to all like me 😊


To the M***** I Loved:

What do I miss? Looking in your beautiful eyes as it stares right back at mine. Do you even miss that? I know you don’t; you never knew me and I never knew you.

At night, I still feel your arms holding me tightly. I can still feel your breathing. You showed me the most honest smile that makes me happy more than anything. I wish it was all real. But it was all just in my imagination, so what can I do?

Call me stupid for falling in love with you. But I’d never consider love as stupid. Wanting to be happy isn’t stupid, even though it breaks your heart in the end.

It broke my heart in the end.

I just hope that one day, our paths will cross and you’ll remember me. I’m the girl from the mystery of your dreams who loves you so dearly. I really hope my prayers came true that even only in your dreams, you somehow knew me.

And I’d be happy.


Love, your Mary


Pop Playlist

You guys know that I’m still new at blogging (not even a month since I started this blog) so what I do is READ some of the most amazing teen blogs throughout wordpress where I can get inspirations from. So, some of the blogs I’ve read makes this posts about their monthly playlist and I LUV it! (yes, luv because i super love it) And I thought I should make mine, too! But it’s not nice to just copy their post about “monthly playlist” stuff so I decided to just get inspiration from it and make my own thing.

What I’m gonna do is, share the songs that I listen to base on how I feel or my mood.

This post is about my playlist when I feel like doing nothing but sing along with it or dance in front of the mirror (pretend that I’m a famous performer around the world) OR when I just need a good mood background music when I’m on the internet. These are all pop because I love pop 💖


1. Mama Say – Betty Who
I love this song because this is something you can dance and sing with. The super danceable beat never fails to make me dance a little OR dance like crazy. It’s always different everytime I play this because this song will make you feel mix emotions. Argh I wish I can explain it better so just listen to it 😋

2. Blow Your Mind (Mwah) – Dua Lipa
I looooooooove Dua Lipa! She’s like so glamorous plus so talented plus so nice and everything I dream to be! Okay, for the song, I love this song because a) It’s Dua’s b) It really is a great great song c) This song empowers me and; d) I LUV all the “Mwah” parts! I swear, if you’re a girl and you want a great song for a great playlist, LISTEN TO THIS!

3. F.F.F. – Bebe Rexha
First thing’s first, I love Bebe. She’s this cute little bad girl who looks nice and wild at the same time and dresses like a queen with an amazing talent. About the song, I like it because of the beautiful tune. Obviously, this song has a swear word in it but I actually don’t mind because I just love the song’s tune and I can’t resist it! But yeah, I have to admit that I really listened to this song and sang my heart out when I broke up with my best friend a couple of weeks ago. My gf recommended me to listen to this song so I’ll feel better 🙂 If you are bothered with fake friends, just listen to this and you won’t regret it!

4. Paradise – Brandon Beal ft. Olivia Holt
If I say feel good song, this song automatically comes to my mind. If you want to feel like you’re in paradise, just play this song and singgg because why not right? This song makes me happy and I love singing along with it because the melody is really good!

5. Stay Together – Noah Cyrus
I didn’t like this song when I first heard it but when I started listening to this everyday, I just got used to it and I realised that this song is actually good! It reminds me of my friends and all our fun times. This song makes me feel carefree and just live life as it is. Just be happy and sing — that’s what this song makes me do. I think you deserve to be happy for 3 minutes and not just think about anything! Stop worrying too much and listen. to. this. song.

6. Last Dance – Dua Lipa
Again, Dua ❤️ And I’m actually playing this song right now while I’m writing this post. Because this song is UH-MAZING. Makes me want to dance forever and sing like I’m the queen of the universe plus! the music is really good and I’ll listen to it forever. This song also has parts which makes you think “omg, i can relate” so yeah.

7. Issues – Julia Michaels
Why do I love this song? Hmm, It’s kinda hard to explain. I just love it and I don’t know why. That’s the good thing about it, I have no reason to not love this song because come on, Julia’s voice is so unique! How could you not like it?

8. Power – Little Mix
This is girl power. This song is my squad’s current fave song. And Little Mix is our Squad Goals! We really look up their fashion because it’s just stunning! And if you are a girl and you got the power, let this song tell it to you. You got the power and you deserve to hear it yourself from this song. And I can’t deny how amazingly perfect Perrie, Leigh Anne, Jesy and Jade’s voices are!

9. Bad Bitch – Bebe Rexha
Yeah it’s Bebe again. The moment this song starts, you’ll eventually like it. The beginning of the song makes you listen to this song again and again and again. I don’t know why but every song by Bebe has the bestest tune ever! Can you blame me?

10. After the Afterparty – Charli XCX
I love her. I really do. I look up to girls who feels good about themselves and who are not afraid to express themselves. You’ll love this song. I swear. I loved it the first time I heard it, until now. There’s a lot of sassiness in this song which is perfect for singing and dancing in front of the mirror (which I always do). So don’t hesitate to listen to this!

There you go. My 10 Pretend-Like-I’m-A-Famous-Performer slash best BG pop music for a girl playlist. Haha okay sorry, that’s the worst name for a playlist. It’s just that I can’t name this song in a 2-3 words only because it IS the best.

Tell me what you think and you’re welcome ☺️ I swear you guys won’t regret adding these songs to your playlist. By the way, I’m a girl and I play songs for girls (but that doesn’t mean that I don’t play songs that guys listen to) because I often listen to this type of songs.

I hope this post helped you in finding the best songs ever! Bye-bye 🤗



What I think is not what I do

So, you guys know that fangirling made my heart broken.

So I decided to stop. Or at least limit my fan girling.
I talked to myself to remind me not to be too excited about my Mr. Celebrities again and I understood everything I told myself. But..

Two days later, I heard this song. I fell in love with the voice of the singer. So I googled him. (Oh no)
1 hour later, I was fangriling again.

My expectation: 😀😃😄😁☺️😊😇🙂😉😌😙❤️ (calm fangirling)
Reality: 😁😆😂🤣😍😚😋😜😝😛🤗😖😫😩😤😯😧😮😲😵😱🤤😬😭💘 (over fangirling)

Oh no, oh no. What can I do? I just can’t stop. I’ve been fangirling all my life & it’s just so hard to eventually stop.

My solution? Since the internet is the only way I can connect with my Mr. Celebrity, I finally decided to refrain from googling him. In that way, I won’t ever know if he has a girl friend which will break my heart again. My only problem is, controlling my thoughts. What if I created a new world again? (Oh God, I hate that idea.)

That, I don’t know. Maybe I just have to keep myself busy so crazy thoughts will not flood my mind. Yes, that might work.
(Haha, might)

Just so you know, I downloaded some pictures of him when I first googled him. But I think that’s already enough. I’ve learned a lesson before and now I’m applying that lesson for a better fangirling outcome.

And for some reason, I have Mr. Meter and Mr. Rose to go kilig over instead of Mr. Celebrity #1 and #2 right? 😍

I’ll keep you updated 😊

(And p.s. I promise not to cry at night anymore because Mr. Celebrity #1 is dating)