DIY Glittery Pens


Not only are these super pretty, but they’re also super easy to make!


  1. Ball pens
  2. Glitter Glue (any color)


Only 2 materials!


Now to the procedure:

  • All you have to do is remove the cap of your ball pen and the ink tube or whatever you call that.
  • Fill the ball pen case with glitter glue half-full or ¾ depending on how much glitter glue you want or the size of your ball pen.
  • Insert the ink tube to its case and be sure that you have the tip of your ball pen inserted into the glitter glue container’s opening because some glue will be squeezed out while putting back the pen ink. That is to make the process tidier and you will not waste so much glitter glue.
  • Put back the cap and you’re done!

I told you it’s just gonna be easy! You can make it in different colors or you can also experiment combining colors to make it more beautiful. Here are other pictures of these sparkly pens that me and my squad made:


Different ball pen and glitter glue colors!

Red and green ones


Different Colors

here are the closeups

Enjoy making yours! And please don’t forget to send me a pic if you made one, I’d be very glad!!

Be artsy! ❤️ -Ryry