Whenever I see pictures of Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez, etc. that shows off their curves slash perfect body, I always get the feeling that makes me want to be like them or sometimes, wish I was them. It’s amazing how these people can motivate girls like me to work on getting their body right and in perfect shape. But it takes a lot of effort, a lot of time, a lot of strength, and sometimes a lot of money to achieve it just the way you imagined it.

So i’m always stuck on saying #BodyGoals because it’s easier to do that instead of actually working out. But when you stop looking on that screen, and take a moment to look at you and the people around you, you’ll realize that there are A LOT of people who feels exactly like you do.

Insecurity –  because she’s too skinny or too fat. Because her arms are so big, her chest and her butt is so flat, and her stomach is so big. You’ll realize that there are a lot of people who are experiencing too much depression because of body shaming.

Do those body shamers even know how it feels like when they call you “too fat” or “too skinny”? Do they even realize how much effort you make just to try to be the person they want you to become? Do they know how much tears you’ve wept because you start hating yourself? Do they know how it feels like to be ashamed of because of your body?

I strongly disagree to Body Shaming. To me, it’s the dumbest thing in the world to judge people just because you don’t like how they look.

I grew up with people telling me that I am too skinny and that I can’t do the things that they can do. They belittle me, they insult me without them even knowing how much pain and self-loathing I feel because of their words. The worst part is, they don’t know that they’ve got no right to insult and judge people except if they’re perfect. Well, they’re not. No one is perfect. We all have our flaws and imperfections.


I don’t understand how some people manage to insult other people like they’re flawless. I don’t understand how they don’t understand that we shouldn’t be disrespecting people just because they hate how he/she looks like. We’ve got no right to make any person live in insecurity.

But then again, life is unfair. Nowadays, you cannot avoid people who are judging you. Wherever you go, people will still judge you no matter what. All you have to do is accept your flaw. Accept the fact that you’re too fat or too skinny and just own it. Be proud of yourself. It’s the only thing that can keep you from being insecure because if you entirely accept and love exactly what and who you are, that’s when you’ll stop getting affected with those body shamer’s judgments.

So what if you’re too fat? So what if you’re too skinny? What’s important is you’re happy. Being YOU is the most beautiful thing in the world.  Once you’ve accepted your flaws, the can no longer break you. They can no longer make you cry. And they can no longer make you hate yourself.


You are beautiful just the way you are. You don’t have to change anything. However, if you want to make a change for your body, don’t overdo it. I know it take a lot of effort but you’re done torturing yourself. If you really want it, do it in a healthy way: Eat balanced diet, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep. Stop staying up all night looking at those pictures of supermodel’s perfect body. Stop feeling insecure, make those pictures your motivation instead.

And also, never believe in Body Shaming. You’re beautiful no matter how fat or skinny you are or how flat your chest and butt or how thin or big your arms and legs are. Trust me, you are beautiful.

You deserve to be happy.



Ryry ❤️