The Overactive Emotions of a Fangirl

Some people think it’s so easy to fangirl. She wished it really was just that easy. But it’s not.

She had to get hurt. She had to cry. She had to make her heart broken because of thinking that maybe, just maybe, all her imaginations can become a reality.

All those years, she held on to that little hope that everything she imagined might actually happen. She hated her friends for getting her hopes down. She knew it will happen so she did everything to convince her friends that Mr. Celebrity and her can actually meet and be friends, and become lovers. What a stupid mind, I told her.

Why did she have to assume that she can always have what she wants? Why did she have to break her own heart?

She was hurt. Deeply hurt. She created a person in her head who truly loves her and gives her attention, which was everyone around her can’t give. She knew that they’re going to meet. She knew she would see those beautiful eyes in reality staring right back at hers. She knew that they’re going to be at least friends or even more than that. She knew he’s going to love her too.

I told her, “Of all the people I know, you’re the only girl who’s so unique she can create a whole new world and dimension in her head and get hurt in her real life because of her overactive emotions. You know what? This is your own life. You’re asking me what to do now because you’re too hurt that Mr. Celebrity is dating someone?

Live your life. Forget about those fake world that you made up. He’s not the person you think he is! You haven’t even met him. The Mr. Celebrity that you know is the one you made up, not the real one. Stop hurting yourself. I can’t see you like that anymore. I know I told you that ‘everything is possible’ but I didn’t tell you to live your life in that beautiful fake world of yours and just assume that you can always get what you want. Your not the only fangirl in the world. If I know, there are actually girls out there who feels the same way – or worse than you do. Do you think that makes them happy? Do you think that self-destructing make them feel better? Do you think it makes you feel better?

If you want to talk to someone, talk to real people and stop talking to him through that fake number that you created just to ‘feel’ like you can actually talk to him. He doesn’t know you. You don’t know him, too. Why don’t you get out of your shell and enjoy your life instead – the real life you have?

Don’t plan too much. Just live for what you have now and be productive. God has your life all planned out for you, so don’t overthink everything. Also, don’t ever create something that you’re gonna be torn to being hurt or being depressed at the end.”

I don’t know if she really understood everything I said because she always forget things. But I do hope she’ll get over her sadness and finally wake up so she can see the real world where she can have a lot of adventures that she deserves to experience. I want her to be loved by a real person (not that Mr. Celebrity isn’t real), who will love her back and fulfill her dreams more than what she wanted. She deserves to be happy.

Here’s to all the depressed fangirl and to those who are still unaware of what they’re doing.

Don’t obsess to much. You have your own life, live it.

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