A Dreamer’s Bucket List

MY BUCKET LIST: (my super weird bucket list ❤️)

◻️Become 5’10”

◻️Go to Paris 🗼

◻️Become friends with Gigi and Kendall 😍

◻️Become a Victoria’s Secret Angel ✨

◻️Model in Haute Couture Fashion Week (in any country)

◻️Write a Book 📚

◻️Motor Cross with Josh 💪

◻️Marry Martin Garrix (LOL. impossible)

◻️Perform all over the world 👩‍🎤

◻️Create a brand!

◻️Do an action movie 🔫💣

◻️Bungee Jump (Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!)

◻️Travel around the world ✈️

Isn’t it amazing to be able to create a Bucket List which contains all the things that you want to do and achieve like it’s just that easy? It’s funny how it’s so easy for us to put our dreams in a bucket list and it’s so hard for us to make them happen. Well, we all know life well enough that we can’t have everything. That we can’t always get or do what we want. But it’s a good thing that we have this bravery and dedication to turn our dreams to reality. We can all make it happen if we work hard for it.

Although we have this bucket list with massive goals that we want to do/achieve, being truly happy with yourself and the people around you is  still the best achievement that you can make in your whole life. What’s good in being able to travel around the world but you’re not happy? I’d rather stay in my country and ride a jeep to someplace with my family or friends and be happy.

Life is all about living for what you have now. Remember, darling, you can’t just dream and dream and dream. Dreaming without working on it is just wasting your precious time instead of actually living a happy dream with the ones you love around you.

Make your Bucket List a motivation to be happier. But don’t ever forget to look around you and appreciate how truly blessed you already are.

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